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We are your gateway to elevated experiences in Sedona and beyond. At Sedona Elevated, we're dedicated to conscious living, community connection, and unforgettable experiences. Our mission is to redefine wellness and relaxation with curated offerings that elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Discover a wide range of elevated experiences, from guided meditations and immersive hikes to 420 friendly spa days and giggle-filled gatherings. Immerse yourself in the healing properties of our offerings and explore new dimensions of well-being.

And don't miss out on our latest offering, the first-ever Sedona is Magic Scavenger Hunt—an exciting adventure to uncover the spiritual treasures of Sedona. Your journey starts here! Our resident artist include Post it Pat and My Name Is Nobody.

Weekly Signature Events!

Join us for our weekly signature events, including Past N9ne, our speak-easy pop-up venue, and beginning in June, we will bring the vibe to Happy Hour at Curaleaf Sedona, where you can enjoy live music, art exhibitions, and exclusive collaborations.

Explore The Start with I Love You Mural in Uptown.

Check out our Local Friends & Finds guide for insider tips on the best of Sedona and enjoy exclusive discounts with Sedona Elevated.

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